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A Cup of Love

A Mother's Love is All We Need

After Effects

Always be a Gentleman

Baby, It's Time to Sleep

Cry Cause You Can't Have My...

Down on Luck

Fade to Grace a

For Eternity

Gotta Nickel for the Band

Guten Morgen - Freiheit herrschte vor

Hold Me in the Dark

Lay Me Down

I Don't Want to Do it Again

I Got Faith in the Future

I Hold On to the Dream

I Look For My Love

It's a Crazy World

It's a Fine Fine World

It's Sinister (Hey People)

Just Love Together

Last Time You Loved Me With Your Soul

Letter by Letter

Love Is a Shadow

Love Is Asking Us to Stay

Love of My Life


Marry Me (Are You Going to)

Michele's Essentia

Missed Again

Mountain Air

My Favorite Jambalaya

Nite Light On

No Consideration for Our Lives

Nobody Else

Oh Zimbabwe

Penniless Afterall

Pleasure Here



Radiate Love

September 24

Shine It Up

So It Goes

Take Her Home

The Way The Wind's Gonna Blow

This Is the Time

This Waltz

Time, Where Does It Go?


Two Ships

Why You Cry

Why You Turn Away

Will You Love Me Forever

Without Any Demands


Instrumental Music

Coffee Talk

Don't Be Scared of Me

Dont' Go

Free Flow

Get Up

Happy in 8-Bit

I'm Alive

Inner Gravity


Meek to the Mighty

Mission 2019

Out the Door

Riding Along

Skipping Rocks

Summer Groove

The Ethical Circus

Wandering Through the Reeds











Going Solo

I Believe

I'm a Unique Girl

Let's All Embrace It

Live In the Moment


My Solitude


Release the Anxiety

Rest Your Head

Seize the Day

The Way the Wind's Gonna Blow

Think About It

You Are Loved




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